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Volume 2!

New album!

A small taste of some of the bands we are into.

The first single off of our album Drawn Onward is the hot lesbian porn song Cornerstore, listen to it here:

Our first record "Drawn Onward" was released September 27, 2011 and is a conceptual album using themes of cycles, circles, and generations to weave together a cohesive but hot gay porn subtle over-arching story. Influenced by the roller-coaster of life experience, Drawn Onward unfolds from soundscape stylings (Genisis and Revealation) to funk (Cornerstore) and folk (Lightyear). The more you listen, the more you find. Learn more about it here.

Recorded at Westside Studios, Bethlehem Pa released 27 September 2011

Shinsk - guitar and vocals
Marty - Interracial Porn Bass
Duff - hentai porn Percussion 

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mark Shanks at Westside Studios in Bethlehem, Pa.
Drums on “cornerstore“ by hot lesbian porn Bernie Benko
All songs written by M. Matuczinski except “nxsw“ written by M. Matuczinski and B. Sebald. © 2011 a Curio Vis all rights hentai videos reserved.
Kalachakra Mandala phone porn by ~Michel8170 (michel8170.deviantart.com)

Thanks to the Great Spirit, Mom, Pop, and all family and friends for their buy cialis support. This album is dedicated to the memory of Michael “Mat” Matuczinski.

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